Aggregates are an easy fix to drainage problems and also make great accents to hardscapes. Putting gravels or river rock in an area where grass doesn’t grow or where you don’t WANT grass to grow is an inexpensive way to make your muddy back yard have a more finished look! You can buy whatever amount you want.

If you need a small amount, bring some containers to use for hauling the rock (kitty littler buckets and 5 gallon buckets work great!) If you have a larger area to cover, bring the square footage and we will give you an idea of the amount you will need. We can load about 1 cubic yard of material in a standard size pick-up truck bed. Delivery is also available for larger quantities with our dump truck.

Coverage Estimation

1 yard covers 162 square feet at 2″ deep (this is the coverage or 1″ rock and less…larger rock covers less)
2-4″ size river rock will cover roughly 80 square feet, one layer of rock deep

Pea gravel A3 Tyler Tx

Pea Gravel

Cobble Rock A3 tyler tx

Cobble Rock

Crushed Limestone A3 Tyler Tx

Crushed Limestone

Pea Gravel to Scale 1 A3 Tyler Tx

Pea Gravel to Scale

Cobble to Scale A3 Tyler Tx

Cobble Rock to Scale

Crush Limestone To Scale A3 Tyler Tx

Crushed Limestone to Scale

Colorado Egg Rock A3 Tyler Tx

Colorado Egg Rock

Washed River Rock A3 tyler Tx

Washed River Rock

Decomposed Granite A3 Tyler Tx

Crushed Limestone to Scale

Decomposed Granite Flagstone Pathway A3 Tyler TX

Decomposed Granite and Flagstone Pathway

Decomposed Granite Driveway A3 Tyler Tx

Decomposed Granite Driveway

River Rock Used as Flower Bed Border Tyler Tx

River Rock Used as Flower Bed Border