Boulders can be used for many different reasons. Accents, pool jump rocks, water features, etc. Boulders are great statement makers, whatever your need!

We carry different size boulders from small accent boulders to very large 2 ton statement pieces.

River Rock

River Rock is a beautiful and low maintenance accent for your outdoor spaces. It can create a solid base for a hardscape or serve as a dry creek bed for drainage needs.

River Rock comes in a variety of sizes from 3/4 inch to 12 inch.

Mini-Boulder A3 tyler Tx

Mini Boulders

Moss rock Boulder 1.5 Ton A3 Tyler Tx

Moss Rock Boulder 1.5 Ton

Moss Rock Boulders 1 Ton Each A3 Tyler Tx

Moss Rock Boulders 1 Ton Each

Boulders 2 Ton pallet A3 Tyler Tx

Boulders 2 Ton Pallet

Colorado Egg Rock A3 Tyler Tx

Colorado Egg Rock

Accent Boulders A3 Tyler Tx

Accent Boulders

Arkansas Creek Rock Bed border A3 tyler Tx

Arkansas Creek Rock Bed Border

Boulder River rock water Feature A3 Tyler Tx

Boulder and River Rock Water Feature

Dry Creek bed A3 Tyler Tx

Dry Creek Bed

Large River Rock Bed Border A3 Tyler Tx

Large River Rock Bed Border