These types of stones are commonly used for edging flowerbeds. But they are also used for outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and more. There are many different sizes and colors to choose from. Bring your liner footage or square footage with you, we can help you calculate tonnage needed from those measurements. Bring any brick or other nearby materials from the job site to color match with the stone. We will happily give you samples as well.

*Please note that flagstone is a natural product; textures and colors vary from one load to another.

Estimated Coverage

  • 4″ x 4″ stone will on average cover roughly 100 linear feet/ton.
  • 4″x 6″ stone will on average cover roughly 80 linear feet/ton.
  • On average most chopped stone will cover roughly 35 square feet/ton



Arkansas Multi A3 Tyler Tx

Arkansas Multi

Oklahoma Cherokee A3 Tyler Tx

Oklahoma Cherokee

Oklahoma Cherokee Chop 4x4 A3 Tyler Tx

Oklahoma Cherokee Chop

Oklahoma Hickory Chop A3 Tyler Tx

Oklahoma Hickory Chop

Chop Stone Exterior Columns A3 Tyler Tx

Chopstone Exterior and Columns

Chopped Rock Retaining Wall and Flags A3 Tyler Tx

Chopstone Retaining Wall and Flagstone Walkway

Fireplace In Our Store A3 Tyler Tx

Fireplace in Our Store

Chop Stone Flowerbed Edging A3 Tyler Tx

Chopstone Flowerbed Edging

Outdoor Kitchen A3 Tyler Tx

Outdoor Kitchen