Our Professional Sod Installation Process
Better than the rest!

Our sod installation is the best. We do several things other companies do not. We actually come to your property and measure for an accurate estimate for sod. We can test your sprinkler system and repair any issues you may have, should you want us to; we are licensed irrigators. We also use a rototiller to till up the soil and old grass, if needed. This adds oxygen to the soil for the new sod roots to establish themselves. The edges where the sod meets your sidewalk, street or other hardscape is tapered off so your mower does not shave away the grass. We install fresh sod, leave you with care instructions, and are always available if you have any questions.

Sod Installation Service A3 Tyler Tx

How it Works

  1. You fill out the free request form on our website or just give us a call to set up your FREE ESTIMATE.
  2. We come out to your property and measure your lawn for sod and any other service you may need like: Sprinkler Installation/Repair, Tree Services, Fence Install, Stonework, Flower beds and more.
  3. We email you a quote within 24 hours.
  4. Once you approve our awesome estimate, you can call or stop by the office to pay your deposit.
  5. Once your deposit is received, your sod installation is scheduled.
  6. You will have a new lawn, professionally installed. Follow our sod care tips to insure a healthy lawn.

Sod Lines & Browning Spots

There will be "Sod Lines" that look like the lines on a brick wall. Eventually these lines disappear with time. Lines in sod does not mean it is a bad install.  All new sod installations will have lines where the sod squares or rolls meet.  It takes 1 year for a newly planted lawn to establish a solid root system. There will sometimes be browning areas when new sod is planted. Customer must check to be sure these areas are being watered. Customer must water heavily for at least 2 weeks for new sod. The brown spots will eventually go away with time and green up. This is a natural occurrence.

Don't expect a Putting Green

Most lawns, 99% of them have a natural grade to them. That is, they are not flat football fields nor are they golf courses. Some people do want their lawn level, some lawns are worse off than others. In some cases an excavator is brought in. In most cases, a customer would need some enriched topsoil that provides some leveling and great nutrients. Our average sod installation, when completed will have a natural look that follows the grade of the lawn. The seams will show for a while until the lawn is established. Customers that want or need extreme leveling/ grading should expect to pay more in labor costs.

Sod Weight, Coverage and Delivery:

One pallet of sod weighs one ton (2,000 pounds), covers 450 square feet and costs between $75 to $200 for delivery (depending on milage to delivery location).

Sod Installation A3 Tyler Tx

Sod Care Tips

Newly Planted SOD Instructions

  • You must water your newly planted SOD for at least 10 to 14 days consecutively. Soaking the lawn every time. The best time to water is between 4am and 8am in summer, and between 8am and noon during the fall and winter.
  • Do not soak a lawn for more than 14 days. A fungus may develop and kill your lawn. Look for mushrooms or black or purple stripes, white looking powder on grass blades or yellow circles. Use a fungicide to kill the fungus and watch your watering. This is a rare occurrence when customers follow the 14 day rule.
  • Mow lawn after at least 3 or 4 weeks have passed. Be sure your mowers blade is sharp.
  • There will be visible lines where the SOD rolls or SOD squares meet. This is a natural thing. The lines will eventually disappear with time.
  • Do not fertilize lawn for at least 3 months. You should feed your grass at least 3 to 4 times a year. Guide lines here.
  • Some SOD squares may brown. Keep watering them. Be sure they are getting coverage by your sprinklers or manual watering device. Browning SOD squares is sometimes a natural occurrence. Don't panic. Keep an eye on that area. The areas will more than likely green up with time. Remember it takes 1 year to establish a lawn.
  • ​Keep off the SOD for at least 30 days. Heavy traffic will disturb root growth and possibly ruin the SOD. Keep large dogs off the lawn too. Dogs will sometimes dig up your new SOD.
  • ​Call us to schedule at least 2 to 3 sprinkler checks per year.
  • SOD is not perfect, SOD is a natural growing plant. It is not artificial turf. It is an organic plant that must be maintained through the seasons and years.

Sod Facts

  • SOD is a plant, a perishable produce product that is not guaranteed or warrantied to grow by SODinstall.com or any SOD Farm in Texas. But is 99% successful to grow in North Texas Lawns.
  • Bermuda SOD needs plenty of sun to thrive. Bermuda becomes thin and weak in shaded areas.
  • St. Augustine SOD does great in the shade, but is a bit more thirsty than Bermuda.
  • Zoysia is an Asian grass that has more roots than any grass. The roots also grow deeper making it very drought tolerant.
  • Zoysia is the most expensive of the bunch.
  • Zoysia is considered to be the most beautiful grass.
  • Zoysia was named to commemorate an 18th century Austrian botanist, Karl von Zois.
  • Zoysia grass grows very slowly, making it a low maintenance grass.
  • One pallet of SOD weighs 2,000lbs!
  • One pallet of SOD covers 450 square feet.
  • The average SOD delivery is between $90 and $150.
  • There are many SOD companies that install poorly grown SOD. We install high quality SOD.
  • ​Many SOD companies are not licensed to work on your sprinklers. We are!
  • We give FREE sprinkler checks to our new SOD customers.
  • SOD brings up oxygen levels around your home.
  • SOD lowers the temperature around your home.
  • SOD acts as a dust filter around your home.
St. Augustine In The Cool Season A3 Tyler Tx